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Leadership Charisma Group » Team Effectiveness

Do these questions sound familiar?

  1. Are you frustrated with your team’s performance and believe they are capable of achieving more?
  2. Are you concerned about whether your team has the right composition to deliver an important project?
  3. Are you disappointed with how new team members have not impacted the team’s effectiveness?
  4. Are you concerned your team does not seem to be able to resolve conflict in a constructive manner?
  5. Are you anxious about your team’s dynamics when a new person joins the team?
  6. Is your team’s lack of progress, in spite of tight timelines, worrying you?
  7. Do you think your team is not functioning well and changes are necessary?

If these questions or ones like them are keeping you awake at night, please inquire about our Team Effectiveness Program.


What is the Program?

Compatibility among co-workers tends to make it easier for them to work together.  However, in the workplace, compatibility is not always achieved, and not always desirable.  In companies, there are different behaviours, talents, and disciplines, and you will find often you need an individual’s uniqueness to achieve desired results.  Inevitably, “personality clashes” will occur. If not understood and addressed, these clashes can get in the way of productivity and even lead to dissension, which can hurt the departmental success.

Leadership Charisma Group works with teams to build their effectiveness by understanding how each team member’s unique combination of mental abilities, personality, and motivational interests impacts the team’s efficiency and dynamics.  These different and unique aspects contribute to the team taking action to deal successfully with the team’s challenges and opportunities.  The team will understand and learn how to utilize their strengths while minimizing the impact of their blind spots and problems.  Our Team Effectiveness Program will take the guess work out of how to work as a team and suggest ways increase the effectiveness of working with each other.  The team members will learn their team culture is and how this impacts the organization and other staff.


What’s in it for Me?

Participants will learn how their characteristics fit with one other team members as well as how their work related behaviours integrate with the team leader.  Participants will learn how team conflict can arise though differing characteristics and behaviours.  This knowledge will assist participants in conflict resolution amongst each other and the team.  Participants can create their operating manual (Working Better Together Using the ProfileXT®) during the group conversations about how to work together and communicate more effectively with each other, so everyone performs to the best of their ability, and the team is successful.


Helped Resolve Team Conflict

The outcome of your process and assessments provided very valuable insights.  You were able to accurately identify the significant areas that both parties had communicated to me as what they saw as the issues.  The debriefing session you conducted with my clients and I, was extremely helpful to understand the conflict based upon object scientific information.  As we went through the meeting, I could see my clients understanding that they both were contributors to the situation based upon their core characteristics and style.  The suggestions you made on how to improve their working relationship were clear, focused and helpful.              Conflict Resolution Consultant


Increased Management Team’s Effectiveness

Your facilitation brought to life the ProfileXT information and how our core characteristics impact our working relationships and leadership style.  I felt our leadership team benefitted from your facilitation and this increase the management team’s effectiveness.  During the meeting, we uncovered a few points about our leadership team approach and how to better fulfill our role within the organization, all very helpful.

I am very pleased to have engaged your services.  The ProfileXT® information accuracy will guide our staff interactions with each other.  I believe every management team can benefit from this program as we did, and i highly recommend it.             Vice President