Throughout history, there have always been leaders with the seemingly remarkable gift to connect with people.  These leaders, whether in the political sphere like JFK and Martin Luther King or in the business world like Steve Jobs and Jack Welch, had a particular ability to motivate people and engage them in a common purpose.  They were able to infuse people with a passion for their beliefs.

The commonly held view is that this type of leader is born, not made.  Their charisma seems to have a magical quality to it that most managers could never hope to emulate. They achieved great results but little was know about their specific leadership behaviours that made them charismatic.

Now we have the capability not just to measure a leader’s charisma, but to understand the characteristics that comprise it, and how they can be adjusted in order to motivate, inspire and help people achieve extraordinary results.  Our approach is founded on sound scientific research and an analytical understanding of which behavioural changes can impact an organization’s performance.