After the economic downturn you trimmed costs.  You reengineered your processes.  In some cases you reduced your workforce.  You now have the team that must take you through this economy successfully.  The magnitude of this team’s contribution to your success will be directly proportional to how engaged they are with the organization and their jobs.  Their engagement is directly impacted by your leadership skills.

Think of it this way.  Your leadership creates a ceiling for what your staff can achieve.  Even if you bring in the most qualified person in the world for a position, after the initial spike in productivity, they too will eventually fall to the baseline dictated by your leadership characteristics.  How high you set the ceiling is up to you.

Charismatic Leaders create and maintain a work environment where people are emotionally and intellectually committed to the organization’s goals. They build an energetic and positive attitude in others and inspire them to do their very best. In doing so they create a common sense of purpose where people are more inclined to invest extra energy and even some of their own time in their work.