“With the results, analysis, and procedures you have furnished me with, I am now able to establish stronger communications bonds with my employees and relationships in life.  Area of work that historically has been problems now come as opportunities because of the efficiencies the solutions create.”                     Business Owner

“… your tools measured the impact of each of our leaders on the people around them.  This is really the ultimate measure and what we are seeking to improve.  We found cases where people were clearly serving up at the expenses of associates and cases where we were serving our associates at the expense of organizational objectives.  Ultimately, we were able to identify organizational and individual blind spots and were able to quantify opportunities we “felt” we had.  One of the more interesting dimensions of the information we receive was a measure of organizational alignment.  We found there was a disconnect in what are believed to be three most important management objects and we now have the opportunity to go work to build on alignment.”                                                                                                                  Director, Organizational Development

“The Profile XT and its back-end diagnostics were the best l have experienced in the genre of interpersonal management assessments. Moreover, the personal debriefing and explanations that you provided added a ‘human touch’ that made the exercise that much more meaningful. L found it very useful to see how my PXT results matched up against the universe of other Senior VP’s and Executives in the database.

The Checkpoint 360 competency feedback system provided an easy-to-use 360-degree review for my staff that not only measured their satisfaction, but also linked my unique characteristics to the 18 critical leadership skills that l exhibit as their manager. The questionnaires were well laid out, diverse in their approach and indeed ‘fun’ to fill out. The resultant responses yielded a few surprises; even the “bad news” was credible and reinforced areas of my thinking style and behavioral traits that I know I know. Linking the leadership skills results to the PXT was fascinating.

I think the real power of the system derives from teams going through the exercise together. The act of filling out the questions and sharing results creates a space for team development. Moreover, the tables that chart out each person’s unique thinking styles, behavioral traits and interests creates a common language and an understanding of how they may react to one another with prescriptions for better communication.

I recommend the Leadership Charisma Analytics Program to any leaders interested in continuous self-improvement and creation of high-functioning teams.”                                    Vice President, Consumer Division