Is recruiting and selecting the right people a big challenge and just one of priorities you face every day.  With these pressures, no wonder we make hiring mistakes.

Well, you are not alone in this situation.  Peter Drucker, Management Guru, has stated: “Chances are good up to 66% of your company’s hiring decisions will prove to be mistaken in the first 12 months.”

Most managers have experienced and dreaded deciding who they believe is right for the job and organization because:

  1. They have hired a person who was not suited for the job; or
  2. The new hire did not work well with their team; or
  3. The boss and new hire did not work well together.


What a hiring manager faces today are:

  • Many applicant resumes are being embellished and not truthful;
  • Demands on their time such that it is difficult to review and prepare for interviews;
  • Their bias and opinions are influencing a quick decision about a candidate; and
  • Interview and doing background checks is successful about one out four times.



Conducting an interview and do background checks have a success rate of 26% reported by Mike Smith in his article “Utilizing all your resources.”


How can hiring managers increase their hiring success from 26%?

They can flip a coin, and decide if it is a head to hire the candidate or if a tail to reject the person.


If using a coin is not appealing, then look for our reveal about how ProfileXT can increase your hiring success.