Many reports identify outstanding business results is a result of motivated, inspired, and productive staff.  Every leader, manager, and supervisor in your firm plays a critical role in creating an engaging work environment, with greater urgency to achieve more with fewer resources, despite increasing responsibilities.

The only hope for a way through these challenging times for a Company is solid leadership.  What happens to your business in the next 12 months is entirely in the hands of your team.


Clients engage Leadership Charisma Group to:

  • improving their selection and promotion of people into the right position;
  • improve team’s synergy and effectiveness;
  • improve a leader’s ability to connect, inspire, and motivate staff.



  • How well your direct reports are leading right now?
  • What they are doing well, right now and where must they improve?
  • Do you believe your team is capable and can function better to achieve greater results?
  • What should you be doing to make your team better to meet today’s challenges?

If not, then you may be gambling that your team is capable and effective in dealing with the myriad day to day situations in today’s new reality.


Leadership Charisma Group specializes in working with management teams to improve their business results with less personal effort.  We offer a unique opportunity for leaders and their teams to increase their awareness of their leadership skills, behaviours, and talents to deal with your company’s challenges.

Leadership Charisma Group is a PXT Select Authorized Partner helping clients:

  • Recruit and Select the report people;
  • Increase teams’ effectiveness; and
  • Analyze leadership capacity and develop proficient skills.