Leadership Charisma Group helps business leaders who are:

  • Interested in improving their team’s performance;
  • Concerned about staff only doing the minimum at work;
  • Wanting their team to collaborate better on key corporate issues.

Leadership Charisma Group guides companies to elevate their productivity to the next level. We achieve this by by working with the company’s leadership team to implement a transparent systematic approach to collecting information about the organization and staff. With this information, the leadership teams create action oriented plans they execute to improve interpersonal performance with the organization. These actions result in leaders and their teams being more effective thus increasing the organization’s results and outcomes.

Is creating an inspiring and motivating work place important to you?
Executives wishing to enhance their impact on work place environments learn how their Charismatic Leadership style impacts employee engagement and their organization’s profitability. With our in depth analytics, leaders learn what key points of their Charismatic Leadership style they should focus on to enhance their work environment and to further inspire staff to achieve their full potential.

Do you as the leader understand the impact your management is having on your organization’s culture?
Leadership Charisma Group guides organization’s leaders through an “AS IS” culture analysis, based upon a proven organizational management analysis process. It is here that the leadership team learns the culture promoted by their leadership behaviours and skills. The Leadership team gets insights into how well aligned the team’s perception of what their critical leadership skills are in contrast with the analysis findings. All of these factors have an impact on employee engagement and team effectiveness.

Using a proven scientific objective approach, Leadership Charisma Group identifies the gaps between management groups and creates clear strategies to increase productivity and business profitability. We help leaders understand what behaviours are impacting staff’s perception of their Charisma and the actions to develop these leadership behaviours. When leaders take action to improve themselves and others, they being to see employee engagement improving, team effectiveness and collaboration increasing and selecting the right person for the right position getting better.

Do you wish to enhance your Human Capital Oversight?

Leadership Charisma Group works with boards to enhance their Human Capital Oversight by linking strategic planning, culture and employee engagement, succession planning and learning and development together with analytics to develop a concise compilation of valuable oversight information.

Do you think your board could be a more effective team?
Leadership Charisma Group facilitates insights into a board’s effectiveness. He develops an understanding of the board’s collective DNA, specifically regarding how individuals impact the team’s effectiveness and how they interact with the CEO.